From: "Mike Hetherington" <>
To: "Mike Hetherington" <>
Subject: New Beginning

Hi All and a Very Happy New Year.

2013 is the start of something new and exciting for me. For many years an avid golfer, I have always had an interest in how golf clubs work (and sometimes don't work). So last year I took it to the next stage and travelled to the US and completed a course in the top Golf Academy in golf club fitting, assembly and repairs.

My new company Clubrite Golf is now up and running so why not resolve to eliminate all the bad things in your golf and get the best from your game in 2013.

 *    Are your grips showing signs of wear?
 *    Are your grips the proper thickness for you?
 *    Are your clubs the correct swing weight?
 *    Are your clubs the correct length? (95% of off centre hits are due to clubs which are too long)
 *    Are your shafts right for you?

All these things affect the the way we play golf and you can benefit greatly from examining these areas of your game.

It may be that you really don't need to buy that new shiny must have (and very expensive) driver that you saw Rory or Bubba swinging. The one you already have in your bag may just be ok with a little fine tuning.

Why not make an appointment to have your current clubs analysed for Grips, Lengths, Swingweights and overall condition. It only takes about 30 mins and is TOTALLY FREE.

Grips from as little as €7 fitted (limited stock)

Club Repairs

Shaft Replacement - Graphite and Steel

Personal Service

Remember: It might just be your clubs.......

Kind regards

Clubrite Golf, Donadea, Co Kildare. 087 2909490