Revised Handicaps after Tulfarris Outing
Anderson Frank 24 3.0
Bennett Scott  14 4.0
Boland Damien  15 0.0
Boyle Sean 18 -3.5
Brady Noel 17 2.0
Brisco Stephan  28 2.0
Burke John 19 4.0
Burke Mick 18 0.0
Byrne Darren 17 1.0
Byrne Davy 19 0.0
Byrne Marty 16 2.0
Byrne Willie 23 3.0
Coyne Eddie 21 1.0
Coyne Philip 12 2.0
Cullen Stephan 18 -0.5
Cushen Jim 20 0.0
Daly Barry 19 1.0
Dolan Tony 18 0.0
Donohoe Mick 28 0.0
Doyle Paul 22 2.0
Duffy Paddy 28 3.0
Duffy Paul 11 0.0
Dunne Michael 10 0.5
Egan Bernie 28 1.5
Egan Paul 28 2.0
Ennis Jim 28 5.0
Flanagan Andy  22 0.0
Flood Shay  21 1.0
Gallagher Paul 15 -2.5
Gannon Peter 18 0.0
Harding Dave  16 0.0
Holmes Dominic 19 0.0
Hudson Alan 18 3.0
Kealy Kevin 28 4.0
Keating Anthony 28 5.0
Keating Jonathon 19 3.0
Kelly Jimmy 17 0.0
Kelly John -2 0.0
Kilduff Martin 16 1.0
Lyons Cathal 15 0.0
Lyons Conor 9 3.0
McDermott Ronan  18 0.0
Mooney Tony 23 4.0
Murphy Mark 17 0.0
Nolan Peter 28 0.0
O'Donoghoe Martin 28 4.0
O'Driscoll Colm 28 2.5
O'Leary Damien  28 3.0
O'Neill Anto 28 6.0
Pearse Martin 18 0.5
Ryan Tom  24 3.0
Shanahan Richie  24 -1.0
Shepperd Christy 24 0.0
Swan John 28 6.0

Handicap System 2019


1.       Main handicap is fixed at the start of the year and is based on the playing handicap at the end of previous year. This is the adjusted handicap which has taken account of your finishing position with the bonus points converted to .3 per shot either up or down depending on whether you are + or -.

2.       This handicap will not change throughout the year except when a member breaks 36 points on an outing. In this case the main handicap will be adjusted downwards by 0.3 for every shot over 36 points.

3.       Bonus points will be earned by attending outings. 1 bonus point will be awarded to each non prize winning player.

4.       Bonus points are added or subtracted to/from players score after the stableford points have been calculated based on the main handicap number.

5.       In the event of equal scores being achieved after the addition of the bonus points then the countback will take place as normal based on the Main Handicap scores.

6.       Prize winners will have their bonus points reduced/increased  by the following amount:

1st          A cut of 2 bonus points

2nd          A cut of 1.5 bonus points

3rd          A cut of 1 bonus point (Where a prize is received)

4th          A cut of 0.5 bonus points (Where a prize is received)

5th          A cut of 0.5 bonus points (Where a prize is received)

Where classes are part of the prizes the above list stops at 2nd place and the following applies: The winner of the class will incur a cut of    1 bonus point.

Second in the class will incur a cut of    0.5 bonus points

Any other prizes will not incur a cut but winner will not be eligible for a bonus point for that game. The exception being Longest Drive, Nearest the Pin, Past Captains Prize.

7.       Together these cuts and the awarding of the full bonus point for non prize winners should see a speedier changeover in the members winning prizes.

8.       At the end of the society year bonus points will be consumed into the Main handicap at a value of 0.3 shots per bonus point. EG a member playing off 20.4 and holding 5 bonus points at the end of the season will have a starting main handicap of 20.4 + 1.5 = 21.9. (22) For the 2015 season. Equally a member playing off 20.4 and holding -2 bonus points at the end of the 2014 season will have a starting main handicap of 20.4 – 0.6 = 19.8. (20) For the 2015 season.

9.       As 28 is our Maximum handicap those members off 28 will have their starting main handicap of 28 + their finishing bonus points calculated at 0.3 per full bonus point. EG a member playing off 28 and holding 5 bonus points at the end of the season will have a starting main handicap of 28 + 1.5 Bonus points for the start for the next season.

10.   All new members will have a provisional Handicap of 18 (Except where they are in possession of a GUI handicap which will be honoured for the first 2 outings. New members cannot be placed higher than 2nd place during their 2 game probationary period. Handicap will be reviewed after the 3 games and will be adjusted up or down as adjudged by the handicap secretary (with consultation with the committee)

 In the event that 2 or more players have an equality of points, the placings will be determined as follows;

Their respective score on back nine holes, if still equal then their scores on the back six holes are compared, and if necessary back three holes, followed by back two holes and finally 1st. hole. 

If after calculating the above and they are still equal , the same procedure will be followed on holes on the front nine.