Results of Tulfarris Golf Club - 3rd June

Par 3’s:                 Sean McNamara               9pts


Back 9:                 Barry Daly                        20pts

Front 9:                 Anthony Keating              19pts


5th:                       Ryan Murphy                   32pts

4th:                       Declan McManus             33pts

3rd:                       Tony Mooney                   35pts

2nd:                      Shay Flood                      36pts

1st:                       Alan Hudson                    37pts

Results of Millicent  Golf Club - 6th May

2’s:                       Paul Gallagher
Par 3’s:                Jonathon Keating            9pts count back
Back 9:                Vinny Murtagh                18pts
Front 9:                Anthony Keating             20pts
5th:                       Conor Lyons                  36pts
4th:                       Marty Byrne                   36pts
3rd:                       Eugene Collins              37pts
2nd                       Barry Murphy                 37pts
1st:                       Paul Gallagher               43pts

Results of Royal Tara

2’s:                         Adam Lyons                        on 11th & 13th.

Visitor:                    Adam Lyons                        39pts

Par 3’s                   Tony Mooney                       9pts on count back

Front 9:                  Barry Murphy                      18pts on Count Back

Back 9:                  Christy Sheppard                16Pts on Count Back


5th:                          Eugene Collins                   33pts

4th:                          Alan Hudson                       34pts

3rd:                          Martin Kilduff                      35pts

2nd:                         Alan Mooney                      35pts BB9


Winner:                   John Burke                         36 Pts


Player of

The year:               Christy Sheppard                89 POY points (Best 5 Outings)

Results of Captains Day, Ashbourne

2’s:                      Philip Coyne                  16th hole
Long Drive:         Owen Kavanagh
Nearest Pin:        Pat Shiels
Visitor:                 Vinny Murtagh                39pts
Par 3’s:                Owen Kavanagh             12pts n count back
Front 9:                Tony Mooney                  20pts
Back 9:                 Christy Sheppard           16pts
3rd Class 1            Conor Lyons                  32pts
3rd Class 2            Barry Daly                     34pth (B9)
3rd Class 3            Frank Anderson             28.5pts
3rd Class 4            Tom Ryan                      31pts
2nd Class 1          Philip Coyne                   32pts (B9)
2nd Class 2          John Burke                     34pts (BB9)
2nd Class 3          Declan McManus           32.5pts
2nd Class 4          Anthony Keating             33pts
1st Class 1            Alan Mooney                  37pts
1st Class 2            Jonathon Keating           36pts
1st Class 3            Alan Hudson                   38pts
1st Class 4            Kevin Kealy                    36pts
Past Captains:      Vinny Murtagh                39pts
2nd Overall:          Dave Harding                  38.5pts
Winner:                Barry Murphy                   40pts

Results from Kilcock

2,s.                    S.Boyle, D.Byrne, P.Gallagher
Visitor                M.Freeman 35pts
Par 3,s              Tony Mooney 9pts. BB9
Front 9               Alan Hudson 18pts BB3
Back 9               Dave Harding 19pts
6th                     Barry Daly 34pts
5th                     Christy Sheppard 34pts BB9
4th                     Marty Byrne 34.5pts
3rd                     Sean Boyle 39pts
2nd                    John swan 40pts
1st                     Martin Pearse 40pts BB9

Results from Blackbush Golf Club

2’s                  Frank Anderson

Par 3’s           Barry Daly               8pts count back

Front 9           Scott Bennet           18pts

Back 9           Anthony Keating      20pts

5th                 Evelyn McNamara   36pts

4th                 Alan Hudson            37pts

3rd                 Martin Pearse          37pts bb9

2nd                Darragh Martin         40pts

Winner          Decklan McManus    42.5 pts

Results from Kilkeen

2’s               Paul Gallagher, Marty Byrne, Martin Pearse


Par 3’s        Martin pearse


Front 9        Scott bennet 17.pts

Back 9        Christy Shepard 18.pts


5th              Paul gallagher 32pts bb9

4th              Sean Boyle 33pts

3rd              Dave Harding 33.5 pts

2nd             Marty Byrne 34pts

1st              Owen kavanagh 36pts

Results from Sillogue

2’s T.Mooney C.Lyons N.Brady

Visitors prize Cathay Lyons                36pts

Par 3’s Noel Brady                              9pts
Front 9 Christy Sheppard                   18pts
Back 9 Alan mooney                           20pts

Winner Anthony Keating                     40pts

2nd.Eddie Coyne                                39pts
3rd Paul Moran                                   38pts
4th Alan Hudson                                 38pts
5th Davy Byrne                                   37pts

Grange Castle Results - March 2022

1st          Scott Bennet             38 points
2nd         Dave Harding           36 points bb9

3rd          Christy Sheppard      36 points bb9
4th          Alan Mooney             36 points b9
5th          Owen Kavanagh       36 points

Front 9    Dara Martin               20 points
Back 9    Conor Lyons              17 points

Par 3's    Tony Mooney      7 points count back
Par 2's    Stephen Cullen, Frank Anderson
Visitor     Stephen Cullen    40 points


Killeen Results 2021

Visitor:      Conor Lyons

12th           Declan McManus
11th           Darren Byrne
10th           Marty Byrne
9th             Alan Hudson

P'3s           Anthony Keating
F9              Dave Harding
B9             Eddie Coyne

5th             Mick Dunne
4th             Barry Murphy
3rd             Sean Boyle
2nd            John Burke
Winner      Christy Sheppard

Royal Tara 25th September 2021 

1st AnthonyKeating42 pts
2nd Dave Harding35 pts
3rd John Swan34 pts
4thScott Bennett32 pts 
5thMartin Pearse31.5 pts

P-3Alan Hudson10 pts
F-9Philip Coyne17 pts
Paul Gallagher
18 pts  


Anthony Keating

P-2Eugene Collins11th
P-2Jonathon Keating15th

Roganstown 21st August 2021 

1st  Dave Harding  38 pts
2nd  Tony Mooney 34 pts
3rd  Jack Mullarkey 33 pts
4th Scott Bennett 32 pts 
5th Anthony Keating 31 pts
6th John Burke 30 pts
P-3 Martin Pearse 9 pts
B-9 Sean Boyle 15 pts
F-9 Paul Gallagher 17 pts

Newbridge 17th July 2021
2's Martin Kilduff
John Kelly
Scott Bennett
Par 3s Tony Mooney 9pts
Front 9 Marty Byrne 16pts
Back 9 Owen Kavanagh 18pts
6th  Richie Shanahan 30pts
5th Dave Harding 31pts
4th Barry Daly 33pts
3rd Davy Byrne 33pts Count Back BB9
2nd John Kelly 33pts Count Back BB9
1st Sean Boyle 39pts
Beaverstown 19th June 2021
2s Barry Daly 17th Hole (€58)
Par 3s Jonathan Keating 10pts
Front Nine Paul Gallagher 17pts
Back Nine Scott Bennett 17pts
5th Dave Harding 31pts Count Back
4th Martin Pearse 31.5pts
3rd Owen Kavanagh 36pts New member cannot be placed higher than 3rd
2nd Kevin Kealy 31.5pts Count Back
1st Davy Byrne 36pts Count Back
Grange Castle Sunday 30th May 2021
2s Alan Hudson 6th hole
Front 9 Scott Bennett 21pts
Back 9 Jonathan Keating 16pts
Par 3s Eddie Coyne 10pts
6th Richie Shanahan 35pts
5th Sean Boyle 35pts Count Back B9
4th Dave Harding 37pts
3rd Jack Mullarkey 39pts New Member cannot be placed higher than 3rd
2nd Martin Pearse 37pts Count Back B9
1st Marty Byrne 38pts
Moyvalley 10th October 2020

Visitor Brian Croke 36pts
2s Frank Anderson 17th hole
Par 3s Frank Anderson 10pts
Front 9 Davy Byrne 18pts
Back 9 Paul Gallagher 21pts
6th Mick Dunne 36.5pts
5th Philip Coyne 37pts (Count Back)
4th John Byrke 37pts (Count Back)
3rd Darren Byrne 37pts (Count Back)
2nd Alan Hudson 38pts
1st  Jonathan Keating 42pts

Tulfarris Outing 19th September 2020
2s Christy Sheppard 6th Hole
Par 3s Christy Sheppard 8pts
Front 9 Kevin Kealy 18pts
Back 9 Marty Byrne 14pts Count Back
5th Jonathan Keating 30pts Count Back
4th Philip Coyne 31pts
3rd Barry Daly 31pts Count Back
2nd Sean Boyle 32pts
1st  Richie Shanahan 36pts
Captain's Day 21st August 2020
2s Eddie Coyne 16th Hole
Par 3s Tom Ryan 9pts
Front 9 John Burke** 15pts
Back 9 Mick Dunne 15pts (Count Back)
Class 1
4th Philip Coyne 25pts
3rd Scott Bennett 26pts
2nd Paul Gallagher 27.5pts
1st Sean Boyle 33pts
Class 2
4th Noel Brady 22pts
3rd Darren Byrne 25pts
2nd Martin Pearse 28.5pts
1st  Alan Hudson 29pts
Class 3
4th Richie Shanahan 25pts
3rd Chris Sheppard 28pts
2nd Shay Flood 30pts
1st Eddie Coyne 33pts
** Due to an error in calculation, John Burke should have been 3rd in Class 3
Class 4
4th Martin O'Donoghue 21pts
3rd Paul Egan 24pts
2nd Anthony Keating  24pts
1st Kevin Kealy 31pts
Past Captain's Sean Boyle 33pts
2nd Overall Stephen Cullen 36pts
Captain's Prize Damien Boland 37pts
Lisheen Springs 26th July
Visitor Don Harrington 35pts
2s Paul Gallagher 3rd
Martin Kilduff 5th
Willie Byrne 11th
Par 3s Willie Byrne 9th
Front 9 Martin Kilduff 16pts
Back 9 Darren Byrne 17pts
5th Eddie Coyne 30pts
4th Mick Dunne 30pts (Count Back)
3rd Sean Boyle 31pts
2nd Paul Gallagher 31pts (Count Back)
1st Davy Byrne 34pts
Grange Castle 11th July 2020
Visitors Prize Margaret Kiersey 30pts
Par 3s Barry Daly 11pts
Front Nine Martin Kilduff 20pts
Back Nine Shay Flood 18pts
5th Christy Sheppard 36pts
4th Dave Harding 39pts
3rd Cathal Lyons 44pts New Member cannot be placed higher than 3rd
2nd Martin Pearse 39pts
1st Paul Gallagher 42pts
Heritage 21st March 2020
Par 3's Alan Hudson 10 pts
Front 9 Marty Byrne 14 pts
Back 9 Paul Gallagher 18 pts
3rd  Sean Boyle 32 pts Best score on the day but re-joining member
could only be awarded 3rd place
2nd Mick Dunne 30 pts
1st  Christy Sheppard 31 pts
Royal Tara 2nd November 2019

Front 9
Marty Byrne
Back 9 Scott Bennett
Par 3's Kevin Kealy
4th John Burke
3rd Willie Byrne
2nd Anthony Keating
1st Eddie Coyne
Castleknock 19th October 2019.

2's Scott Bennett and Philip Quearly
Par 3's Colm O'Driscoll 11pts
Front 9 Eddie Coyne 19pts
Back 9 Philip Coyne 17pts
5th Jim Cushen 32pts
4th John Burke 32.5pts
3rd Conor Lyons 33pts
2nd Tony Mooney 34pts
1st  Scott Bennett 41pts

Captain's Day 7th September 2019.
Long Drive Philip Coyne
Par 3s Jim Cushen 10pts
Front 9 Christy Sheppard 19pts
Back 9 John Kelly 16pts
2nd Class 1 Marty Btrne 30pts
2nd Class 2 Noel Brady 32pts
2nd Class 3 Frank Anderson 30pts
2nd Class 4 Anthony Keating 26pts
1st Class 1 Philip Coyne 36pts
1st Class 2 Paul Gallagher 35pts
1st Class 3 Eddie Coyne 34.5pts
1st Class 4 Colm O'Driscoll 28.5pts
Past Captains Eddie Coyne 34.5pts
3rd Overall Barry Daly 37pts
2nd Overall Davy Byrne 38ts
1st Martin Pearse 39pts

Lisheen Springs  8th June 2019

2's Damien Boland 16th 
Vistor Richie Shanahan 25pts
Par 3's Jim Cushen 11pts
Front 9 Martin Kilduff 20pts
Back 9 John Kelly 18pts
5th Willie Byrne 33pts (Count Back)
4th Stephen Cullen 33pts (Count Back)
3rd Alan Hudson 33pts (Count Back)
2nd  Darren Byrne 33pts (Count Back)
1st Philip Coyne 33pts (Count Back)

Tulfarris  8th June 2019
Twos Winners John Burke (11th) and Philip Coyne (16th)
Visitor Stephen Cullen 31pts
Par 3s John Burke 8pts
Front Nine John Kelly 18pts
Back Nine Noel Brady 13pts
5th Peter Gannon 26pts
4th Mick Burke 27pts
3rd Philip Coyne 27pts (Count Back)
2nd  Eddie Coyne 29pts
1st Scott Bennett 32pts

Grange Castle 11th May 2019

There was no winner of the 2s
Visitor Cathal Lyons 22 pts
Par 3s Jim Ennis 8pts
Front 9 Anthony Keating 17pts
Back 9 Christy Sheppard 15pts
5th Jim Cushen 30pts
4th  Martin Kilduff 30.5pts
3rd Barry Daly 31pts
2nd John Burke 35pts
1st Paul Gallagher 35pts (Count Back)
Seapoint 9th March 2019

2's Winners; Scott Bennett (2nd), Paul Gallagher (9th) and Anthony Keating (17).

Visitor's Prize;  Declan McCullough            30pts

Par 3's; Paul Gallagher                                       10pts

Front 9; Willie Byrne                                         19pts

Back 9; Alan Hudson                                          17pts

5th John Burke                                                      31pts

4th Scott Bennett                                                 32pts

3rd Jim Cushen                                                     32pts (Count Back Back 9)

2nd Martin Kilduff                                              33pts

1st Philip Coyne                                                   37pts

Luttrelstown 20th October 2018

Visitors ; Con Mulligan                               34pts

Par 3s ; Jonathan Keating                            8pts

Front Nine ; Martin Kilduff                       16pts

Back Nine; Tony Dolan                                13pts

11th Jim Ennis                                                  25pts

10th Kevin Kealy                                             26pts

9th Tom Ryan                                                   27pts (Count Back)

8th Eddie Coyne                                               27pts (Count Back)

7th Willie Byrne                                               27pts (Count Back)

6th John Burke                                                  29pts (Count Back)

5th Shay Flood                                                   29pts (Count Back)

4th Anto O'Neill                                                29.5 pts

3rd Alan Hudson                                               30pts (Count Back

2nd Darren Byrne                                             30pts (Count Back)

1st Anthony Keating                                        33pts

Corrstown 15th September 2018

Par 3s    Martin O'Donoghue                    14pts

Front  9; Frank Anderson                           15pts

Back 9; Christy Sheppard                            18pts

6th Kevin Kealy                                               31.5pts

5th Jonathan Keating                                    32pts

4th Tom Ryan                                                  32pts (Count Back)

3rd Martin Kilduff                                          33pts

2nd Conor Lyons                                             35pts

1st John Kelly                                                    39pts

Captain's Day 11th August 2018

2's Winners; Francis O'Kennedy, Martin Kilduff, Scott Bennett and Conor Lyons

Long Drive; Conor Lyons

Nearest the Pin; Philip Coyne

2nd Visitor; Francis O'Kennedy         40pts

1st Visitor; Stephen Cullen                   42pts

Par 3's; Damien Boland                             9pts

Back Nine; Dominic Holmes                16pts

Front Nine; Scott Bennett                      14pts

rd Class 4; Jim Ennis                               27pts

3rd Class 3; Frank Anderson                 25pts

3rd Class 2; Jim Cushen                           32pts

3rd Class 1; Philip Coyne                        30pts

2nd Class 4; John Swan                            30pts

2nd Class 3; Willie Byrne                        30pts

2nd Class 2; Martin Kilduff                     33pts

2nd Class 1; Tony Dolan                           30pts

1st Class 4; Kevin Kealy                            31.5pts

1st Class 3; Anthony Keating                  37pts

1st Class 2; Eddie Coyne                           34pts

1st Class 1; Darren Byrne                         33pts

Past Captains; Anthony Keating            37pts

3rd; Tony McKeone                                    38pts

2nd; Tom Ryan                                              40.5pts

1st; Conor Lyons                                            45pts

City West 14th July 2018

Par 3s        Christy Sheppard             10pts

Front 9     Philip Coyne                      17pts

Back 9       Kevin Kealy                        20pts

5th              Darren Byrne                     33pts 

4th              Paul Gallagher                    33pts (Count Back)

3rd              Tom Ryan                            34pts

2nd             Scott Bennett                       34pts (Count Back)

1st               Jim Cushen                           35pts

St. Margarets 9th June 2018

Twos winners; Tony Dolan and Tony McKeone

Par 3s; Willie Byrne                           10pts

Front 9; Philip Coyne                        18pts

Back 9; Tony MeKeone                     17pts

5th Jim Cushen                                      33pts

4th Tony Dolan                                     33pts (Count Back)

3rd Paul Gallagher                                35pts

2nd Martin Kilduff                               36.5pts

1st Davy Byrne                                       37pts

Grange Castle 12th May 2018

2s Winners ; Conor Lyons (5th), Darren Byrne and Philip Coyne (11th) and Alan Hudson (17th)

Visitor; Cathal Lyons                          29pts

Par 3s ; John Burke (19)                        9pts

Front 9; Paul Doyle (21)                      17pts

Back 9; Alan Hudson (16)                   17pts

7th ; Paul Gallagher (18)                      32pts

6th ; Marty Byrne (15)                          32pts (Count Back)

5th ; Darren Byrne (18)                        33pts

4th ; Jonathan Keating (19)                33pts (Count Back)

3rd ; Philip Coyne (15)                         36pts

2nd ; Martin Kilduff (18)                    37pts

1st ; John Swan (28)                              38pts

Weekend Away 6th/7th April
Friday 6th 

4th  Eddie Coyne                                    30pts

3rd  John Kelly                                        34pts

2nd  John Burke                                     36pts

1st  Damien Boland                              37pts

Saturday 7th

7th  Willie Byrne, Marty Byrne, Darren Byrne and Kevin Kealy                                       96pts

6th Scott Bennett, Dominic Holmes, Patricia Holmes and Jim Ennis                               103pts

5th Kevin O'Connor, Eddie Coyne, Frank Anderson and Paddy Duffy                          104pts

4th Damien Boland, Anthony Keating, Paul Gallagher and Margaret Kersey               108pts

3rd Tony Dolan, John Cooke, Christy Sheppard and Colm O'Driscoll                             112pts

2nd Alan Hudson, Tony MeKeon, Shay Flood and John Burke                                           113pts

1st John Kelly, Jim Cushen, Tom Ryan and Martin O'Donoghue                                       118pts

Laytown/Bettystown 10th March 2018

Par 3's                         Willie Byrne (22)                   7pts

Front 9                        Conor Lyons (11)                17pts

Back 9                          Davy Byrne (18)                    15pts

4th                                 Jonathan Keating (19)         30pts (Count Back)

3rd                                Frank Anderson (24)            31pts

2nd                               Tom Ryan (26}                         32pts

1st                                 Philip Coyne (15)                     35pts

No winner of the Twos                              

Luttrelstown 28th October

2's Noel Brady, Damien Boland and Martin Pearse (all on the 4th hole)

Par 3's       Christy Morrison                                     10pts

Front 9;    Christy Sheppard (23)                            17pts

Back 9;       Scott Bennett (16)                                   17pts

9th               Noel Brady (17)                                        30pts

8th               Alan Hudson (15)                                     31pts

7th               Martin Kilduff  (23)                                 33.5pts

6th               Damien Boland (15)                                34pts

5th               Philip Coyne (15)                                     35pts

4th               Eddie Coyne (20)                                      35pts 

3rd              Martin Pearse (19)                                    35.5pts

2nd             Jim Cushen (21)                                          36pts

1st               Frank Anderson (24)                                42pts

The Curragh 7th October

Par 3's;      Darren Byrne                                              11pts

Front Nine; Dave Harding                                         17pts (back 3)

Back Nine; Martin Kilduff                                          18pts

3rd Scott Bennett (16)                                                   35pts

2nd John Burke (19)                                                       35pts (back 9)

1st Anthony Keating (27)                                             36pts

Captain's Day 12th August

Visitor; Bernard Smith (16)                            35pts

Par 3's; John Burke (19)                                     7pts

Front 9; Alan Hudson (15)                              15pts

Back Nine; Willie Byrne (22)                         15pts

Class 1 1st Tony McKeone (14)                    31.5pts

Class 2  1st Dominic Holmes (18)                 31pts

Class 3 1st Dave Harding (20)                        31pts

Class 4 1st John Swan (28)                              27pts

Class 1 2nd Kevin O'Connor (14)                30.5pts

Class 2 2nd Jonathan Keating (18)               29pts

Class 3 2nd Jim Cushen (21)                           29pts

Class 4 2nd Tom Ryan (25)                             27pts

Past Captains; Christy Sheppard (24)          31.5pts

3rd Martin Kilduff (23)                                     33.5pts

2nd Martin Pearse (19)                                      34pts 

1st Darren Byrne (20)                                        34pts

Rathsallagh 22nd July

2's ; Anthony Keating, John Swan and Scott Bennett (all on 13 hole)

Visitor; Peter Gordon (19)              32pts

Par 3's; Shay Flood and Paul Gallagher      10pts

Front 9; Tony McKeone (15)                         17pts

Back Nine; Martin Kilduff (23)                      21pts

3rd Frank Anderson (24)                                  37pts

2nd Christy Sheppard  (24)                              37pts (Count Back, Back 9)

1st Scott Bennett (17)                                        41pts

Lisheen Springs 16th June

2's ; Dominic Holmes (16th hole)

Par 3's Dominic Holmes                  10pts (Count Back)

Front Nine   Darren Byrne             20pts

Back Nine     Martin Byrne              18pts

3rd                    Jim Cushen                  33pts

2nd                  Martin Kilduff             36pts

1st                     John Burke                   36pts (Count Back)

Castleknock 13th May

Visitors                                         Bernard Smith(17)                                 37pts

2's ; Dominic Holmes, Anthony Keating and Tony McKeone (All on 11th hole)

Front Nine                                   Jimmy Kelly(14)                                     20pts

Back Nine                                     Tony McKeone(15)                              22pts

Par 3s; Damien Boland and Darren Byrne                                            12pts

4th                                                    Willie Byrne(22)                                    37pts

3rd                                                     Noel Brady(17)                                      38pts

2nd                                                    Kevin O'Connor(16)                           43pts*

1st                                                       Shay Flood(19)                                      41pts

* New member, cannot win first prize on  first outing.

Weekend Away 7th/8th April

Friday 7th (New Forest)

Day Tripper                               Tony McKone                                      28pts

Par 3s                                            Kevin O'Connor                                 11pts

Front Nine                                  Shay Flood                                             17pts

Back Nine                                    Willie Byrne                                         18pts

3rd                                                  Martin Pearse                                       32pts

2nd                                                 Frank Anderson                                 35pts

1st                                                   John Kelly                                             37pts

Saturday 8th (Mullingar) Team Event

Front Nine                          Dominic Holmes/Brian Wynne/Trish Holmes

Back Nine                            Martin Pearse/Terry Wynne/Willie Byrne

3rd                                           Alan Hudson/Shay Flood/Colm O'Driscoll                   87pts

2nd                                          John Burke/Anthony Keating/John Swan                      88pts

1st                                            Kevin O'Connor/Tom Ryan/Paddy Duffy                      93pts

Millicent 11th March 2017

Visitor prize                        Jim Henry (19)                   34pts
Best New Member            Martin Kilduff (23)           34pts
Front 9                                  Bernie Egan (28)               17pts Count Back
Back 9                                   Marty Byrne(19)               19pts
Par 3’s                                   Dominic Holmes(18)       11pts
3rd                                         Darren Byrne(20)             36pts
2nd                                        Tony McKone(16)            38pts (New Member)
Winner                                 Damien Boland(16)         37pts
Moyvalley 8th October

1st Mick Dunne (10)                                                       38pts
2nd Anthony Keating (27)                                            37pts
3rd Scott Bennett (19)                                                    36.5pts

Front 9; Davy Byrne (19)                                              19pts
Back 9; Darren Byrne (21)                                            20pts

Visitor; David Coyne (28)                                             33pts

Two's; Davy Byrne (2nd hole), Scott Bennett and John Shine (5th hole) and Mick Dunne (17th hole).                                                      

Knockanally 10th September

1st Noel Brady (17)                                                                36pts
2nd John Kelly (Plus 1)                                                        32pts

Front 9; Marty Byrne (15)                                                  19pts
Back 9; Darren Byrne (21)                                                  19pts

Par 3s; John Swan (28)                                                         10pts

There was no winner of the 2s.
Captain's Day - Kileen Castle 17th August.

1st Michael Dunne (10)                                31pts
2nd John Kelly (Plus 1)                                 31.5pts
3rd Scott Bennett (19)                                   28.5pts

1st Class 1 Noel Brady (17)                          28pts
2nd Class 1 Alan Hudson (12)                    26pts

1st Class 2 Darren Byrne (21)                     24pts
2nd Class 2 Eddie Coyne (18)                     23pts

1st Class 3 Willie Byrne (22)                       22pts
2nd Class 3 Paddy Duffy (28)                       18.5pts

Past Captains Christy Sheppard (23)          27pts

Front 9 ; Damien Boland (18)                        10pts
Back 9 ; Davy Byrne (19)                                  17pts

Long Drive Front 9; Scott Bennett
Long Drive Back 9; Scott Bennett

Nearest the Pin Front 9; John Burke
Nearesr the Pin Back 9; Don Harrington

Visitors Prize; Tony McKeown (16)              29pts

Lucan 15th July

1st Christy Sheppard (23)                                                   33pts
2nd Scott Bennett (19)                                                         32pts

Front 9; Davy Byrne (19)                                                    15pts
Back 9; John Kelly (+1)                                                        16pts

Par 3s; Marty Byrne (15)                                                     10pts

Visitors; Sean Kelly (10)                                                      32pts

Twos; Sean Kelly, Liam Nicholson (4th), Scott Bennett (7th) and John Kelly (16th).

Palmerstown Stud 10th June

1st  John Burke (18)                                       36pts

2nd Martin Pearse (18)                                35pts

3rd Philip Coyne (13)                                   34pts (Back 9)

Front 9; John Kelly (+1)                              20pts

Back 9; Davy Byrne (19)                              16pts

Par 3s; Dominic Holmes (17)                    10pts

Visitors; Tom McCarron (2)                     39pts

Twos; Tom McCarron (8th & 13th), John Kelly (10th)

City West 14th May 

1st Darren Byrne (21)                                      34pts

2nd John Kelly (Plus 1)                                   33pts

3rd Marty Byrne (15)                                       32pts

Front 9; Dominic Holmes (17)                     20pts

Back 9; Alan Hudson (12)                              17pts

Par 3s; Christy Sheppard (23)                      14pts

No winner of Twos.

Weekend Away Mount Wolseley 22nd/23rd April 


1st John Kelly                                          40pts

2nd Philip Coyne                                    39pts

3rd Alan Hudson                                    36pts

4th Jim Cushen                                       35pts

5th Damien Boland                                34pts

Front Nine; Eddie Coyne                      17pts

Back Nine; Jimmy Kelly                         17pts

Saturday Scramble

1st John Kelly, Jim Cushen and Damien Boland     (9 under)

2nd Philip Coyne, Frank Anderson and Martin Pearse

3rd Alan Hudson, Dominic Holmes, Christy Sheppard and Paddy Duffy

4th Martin Coyne, Willie Byrne, Colm O'Driscoll and Martin O'Donoghue

5th Eddie Coyne, Shay Flood and Anthony Keating,

 Corballis 12th March 2016

1st Scott Bennett (19)                    30pts

2nd Davy Byrne                               30pts

3rd Anthony Keating                    30pts

Front Nine ; Eddie Coyne

Back Nine; Mark Murphy

Kilcock 17th October 2015  

1st Scott Bennett                 39.5pts

2nd Davy Byrne                   37pts (Count Back)

3rd Philip Coyne                 37pts

4th Jimmy Kelly                  36pts (Count Back)

5th Darren Mulready        36pts

Front 9; Martin Byrne      21pts

Back 9; Darren Byrne        16pts (Count Back)

Par 3's; John Swan              10pts

There was no winner of the 2's, a draw took place on the cards for the proceeds, there were 5 winners, each received €10.

Captain's Day - Castleknock 29th August 2015 

1st Martin Byrne                                          38pts

2nd Christy Sheppard                                  37pts

1st Class 1 Philip Coyne                              37pts

1st Class 2 Dominic Holmes                        36pts

1st Class 3 Jim Cushen                                34pts

1st Class 4 Martin O'Donoghue                   33.5pts

2nd Class 1 Mick Dunne                             36pts

2nd Class 2 Shay Flood                               34pts

2nd Class 3 Eddie Coyne                             34pts

2nd Class 4 Anthony Keating                      28.5pts

Front Nine Darren Mulready                       16pts

Back Nine Alan Hudson                              21pts

Par 3s Noel Brady                                        10pts

Past Captain's Alan Hudson                         35.5pts

Visitors Christy Morrison                            38pts

Long Drive John Burke (Very Long)

Nearest the Pin Alan Hudson (14")

2s Alan Hudson (9th), Eddie Coyne and Mick Dunne (11th)

Lucan 25th July 2015

1st Darren Byrne                                         35.5pts

2nd John Burke                                           34pts

3rd Martin Byrne                                        31.5pts

Front Nine Noel Brady                               17pts

Back Nine Davy Byrne                               15pts

Visitor Damien Boland                                39pts

Twos; Dominic Holmes (4th), Christy Sheppard  and Dara Martin(V) on (7th).   

Luttrelstown 26th June 2015

1st Darren Byrne                                         36.5

2nd Martin Pearse                                       31

3rd Colm O'Driscoll                                    29

Front Nine Alan Hudson                             17pts

Back Nine Jonathan Keating                       17pts

Twos; Mick Dunne and Brendan Keely (V) on 4th, Anthony Keating (6th) and John Nolan (15th).   

Rathcore  23rd May 2015

1st Alan Hudson                                         37pts

2nd Padraig Rowland                                 35.5pts

3rd Davy Byrne                                          34pts (Back Nine)

Front Nine Anthony Keating                      18pts

Back Nine Scott Bennett                            20pts

Visitors; Sean Boyle                                   37pts

Twos; Philip Coyne (9th) and Alan Hudson (16th)  

Weekend Away 2015 

Galway Bay 17th April

1st John Kelly                       37pts

2nd Shay Flood                    34pts

3rd Frank Anderson          32pts

4th Alan Hudson                 32pts

5th Christy Sheppard        31pts

Front Nine; Dominic Holmes         18pts

Back Nine; Patricia Holmes              18pts

Par 3s; Willie Byrne                            8pts

Bearna Golf Club 18th April

1st Jim Cushen                      33pts

2nd Dominic Holmes         29pts

3rd Philip Coyne                  27pts

4th Alan Hudson                  27pts

5th Frank Anderson           27pts

6th Shay Flood                      25pts

Front Nine; Christy Sheppard           13pts

Back Nine; John Burke                          13pts

Par 3s; Martin O'Donoghue                9pts

Team Prize; John Kelly, Jim Ennis, Frank Anderson, Martin O'Donoghue and Christy Sheppard - 105pts.

Knightsbrook 22nd March 2015

1st Alan Hudson                                         35pts

2nd Scott Bennett                                       39pts

3rd Davy Byrne                                          37pts

4th Damien O'Brien                                    32pts

Front Nine Philip Coyne                             17pts

Back Nine John Burke                                19pts

Hole in One ; Davy Byrne (16th Hole) 

Royal Tara 25th October  2014

1st John Swan (28)                        34.5 pts

2nd Darren Mulready (12)           34 pts

3rd Alan Hudson (12)                    31 pts

4th John Burke (17)                       29 pts

Front 9 Eddie Coyne (17)             14 pts

Back 9 Jim Cushen (14)                 16 pts

Par 3s Shay Flood                           10 pts

Visitors: Damien Lynch (22)         36 pts

Twos : Shay Flood and Jim Cushen. 

 Captain's Day, Blainroe 30th August 2014

1st Philip Coyne (12)                    33pts

2nd Jimmy Kelly (8)                      32pts

Cat. 1 Darren Mulready (12)       31pts

Cat. 2 Eddie Coyne (17)               31.5pts

Cat. 3 Paddy Duffy (27)                28pts

Past Captain's Jimmy Kelly

Front 9 Alan Hudson (12)          15pts

Back 9 Shay Flood (15)               16pts

Par 3s Colm O'Driscoll (28)         7pts

Visitors: Damien Boland (22)     36pts

Long Drive : Damien Boland

Nearest the Pin :Jim Cushen

Twos : Philip Coyne, Eddie Coyne and Darren Mulready.

Balbriggan 25th July 

1st Martin O'Donoghue

2nd Noel Brady

2's Winner Brian Hyland

 Luttrelstown Outing 27th June

1st Dominic Holmes (18)        35pts

2nd Brian Hyland (28)          33pts (Count Back)

3rd Jimmy Kelly (8)             33pts

4th Mick Dunne (8)              31pts

5th John Burke (17)              30pts

6th John Swan (28)               29pts

Front Nine Shay Flood           17pts

Back Nine Jim Cushen            17pts

Par 3's Colm O'Driscoll          13pts

Two's: Colm O'Driscoll, Frank Anderson, Mick Dunne, Eddie Coyne, Brian Hyland, Paul Mullarkey and Jimmy Kelly.

Trim Outing

1st Frank Anderson

2nd Eddie Coyne

Weekend Away 11th/12th April

Castlebar 11th

1st D. Holmes 41pts

2nd John Kelly 38pts

3rd J. Cushen 36pts (Count Back)

4th W. Byrne 36pts

5th J. Burke 35pts

Front Nine A. Hudson 19pts

Back Nine D. O'Brien 19pts

Par 3s A. Keating 10pts

Two's John Kelly (2nd hole).

Westport 12th

1st J. Cushen 38pts

2nd John Kelly 36pts

3rd D. O'Brien 35pts

4th C. Sheppard 31pts (Count Back)

5th B. Hyland 31pts (Count Back)

6th D. Holmes 31pts

7th A. Hudson 30pts

8th S. Flood 29pts

Front Nine A. Keating 17pts

Back Nine J. Burke 14pts

Par 3s E. Coyne 7pts

No winners of the Two's.

Knightsbrook 9th March 2014 

1st John Burke (17)                    36pts

2nd Anthony Keating (24)           34pts

3rd Jimmy Kelly (8)                   33pts

 Blainroe 19th Oct.

1st Stephen O'Kennedy (9)        35 pts 

2nd Mick Dunne (9)                 32 pts 

3rd Noel Brady (15)                31 pts (Count Back)

4th John Kelly (+1)                 31 pts

5th Anthony Keating (26)          30 pts    

Front Nine Jimmy Kelly (8)

Back Nine Frank Anderson (17)

Par 3s Colm O'Driscoll 

Winner of the 2s John Kelly with a two on 11th hole (the 11th by the way is a par 4) 

The Curragh 28th Sept.

1st Jim Cushen (16)                 38 pts 

2nd Martin Pearse (17)             34 pts 

3rd Frank Anderson (18)            31 pts 

4th Shay Flood (16)                 29 pts    

Front Nine John Kelly (+1)

Back Nine Anthony Keating (26)

Par 3s Noel Brady 

Captain's Day, The Heritage 7th Sept.

1st Christy Sheppard (23)         30 pts 

2nd Darren Mulready (12)          29 pts 

3rd John Kelly (+1)                 27 pts 

1st Class 1 Philip Coyne (12)       25 pts 

1st Class 2 Martin Pearse (17)    26 pts

1st Class 3 Anthony Keating (27)  22 pts

 2nd Class 1 Alan Hudson (12)      23 pts 

2nd Class 2 Frank Anderson (18)  25 pts

2nd Class 3 John Burke (17)       21 pts

Past Captain's Alan Hudson (12)   23 pts

Front Nine Mick Dunne (9)         11pts

Back Nine Eddie Coyne (16)        13 pts

Par 3s John Swan (28)             11 pts

Trim 27th July

1st Frank Anderson (20)       36 pts 

2nd Stephen O'Kennedy (9)    34 pts (Count Back)

3rd Dominic Holmes (18)        34 pts (Count Back)

4th Jimmy Kelly (8)             34 pts (Count Back)

Front 9 John Burke (17)        20 pts

Back 9 Mark Murphy (13)      19 pts

Par 3s Eddie Coyne (16)        7 pts

Visitor; Kevin O'Connor(16)    37 pts

One winner of the 2s  Ronan Newman 

 Beaverstown 22nd June

1st Shay Flood (17)             32 pts (Count Back)

2nd John Burke (18)            32 pts (Count Back)

3rd Frank Anderson (21)       31 pts (Count Back)

4th John Kelly (+1)             31 pts (Count Back)

5th Stephen O'Kennedy (10)   28 pts

Front 9 Mick Dunne (8)         17 pts

Back 9 Mark Murphy (13)      15 pts

Par 3s Philip Coyne (12)        10 pts

Visitor; Sean Kelly (15)        32 pts

Longest Drive; Darren Mulready

Nearest the Pin; John Cooke 

One winner of the 2s (€96) Noel Brady


Black Bush 25th May 

1st Noel Brady (16)     30 pts (Count Back)

2nd Paddy Duffy (27)   30 pts (Count Back)

3rd Martin Pearse (18) 30 pts (Count Back)

Front 9 Jimmy Kelly (8)

Back 9 Eddie Coyne (16)

Par 3s Frank Anderson 

No winner of the 2s (€26 carry over to next outing)


Weekend Away 19th & 20th April. 

Saturday Greenore Golf Club

1st Damien O'Brien

2nd Martin Shields

3rd Philip Coyne

4th Anthony O'Donoghue

5th Darren Mulready

Front 9 Paddy Duffy

Back 9 Christy Sheppard

Par 3s Jim Cushen

Special Prize for most golf played ; Willie Byrne


Friday Dundalk Golf Club

1st Dominick Holmes

2nd Damien O'Brien

3rd Frank Anderson

4th Philip Coyne

5th John Kelly

Front 9 Shay Flood

Back 9 Darren Mulready

Par 3s Willie Byrne



Millicent, Saturday 23rd March 2013 

1st Mick Dunne (9)                    33pts (Count Back)

2nd Frank Anderson (21)            33pts

3rd Alan Hudson (12)                 30pts

4th Stephen O'Kennedy (9)        28pts (Count Back)

5th John Burke (19)                   28pts

Front Nine Jimmy Kelly (8)        17pts

Back Nine Anthony Keating (26) 14pts

Par3s Martin O'Donoghue (28)   6pts

Twos; Mick Dunne on the 15th hole.

Castleknock, Saturday 20th October  

1st Joe Tuohy (15)                39pts

2nd Stephen O'Kennedy (10)  37pts (Count Back)

3rd Pat Tierney (21)              37 pts

4th Philip Coyne (12)              36 pts

5th Alan Hudson (12)             35 pts (Count Back)

6th Christy Sheppard (22)     35 pts

7th Kevin O'Connor (11)          35pts

Front 9 Frank Anderson (21)   18pts

Back 9 Anthony Keating (26)   17 pts

Par 3s Mick Dunne (9)            12pts

Visitors Bernard Smith (16)    43 pts

Twos : Mick Dunne and Bernard Smith, both on 18th hole.

The Curragh, Saturday 29th September

1st  Kevin O'Connor (12)                  32pts (Count Back)

2nd Christy Sheppard (23)              32pts 

3rd John Burke (20)                       32pts

4th Dominic Holmes (19)                  31pts (Count Back)

5th Shay Flood (17)                        31pts

Front Nine Anthony Keating (26)     17pts

Back Nine David Stokes (13)           16pts

Visitor Damien O'Brien (10)            30pts

Twos: Dominoc Holmes, Martin O'Donoghue, Frank Shortt and Jimmy Kelly (All on the 11th Hole)

Captain's Day, Knockanally, Saturday 1st September

1st Noel Brady (18)                             36pts

2nd Stephen O'Kennedy (10)              35pts (Count Back)

3rd Jim Cushen (17)                            35pts

1st Class 1 John Kelly (0)                    32 pts

1st Class 2 Martin Pearse (18)             31pts

1st Class 3 Pat Tierney (22)                34pts

1st Class 4 Christy Sheppard (25)       30pts

2nd Class 1 Jimmy Kelly (7)                  29pts

2nd Class 2 Kevin O'Connor (12)           27pts

2nd Class 3 Frank Anderson (20)          33pts

2nd Class 4 John Swan (25)                  25pts

Past Captain's Jim Cushen (17)             35pts

Front Nine Shay Stokes (6)                  15pts

Back Nine Christy Morrison (19)           16pts

1st Visitor Eamonn Morrison (24)         35pts

2nd Visitor Bernard Smith (16)             31pts

Longest Drive Philip Coyne

Nearest the Pin David Stokes              8' 5"

Par 3s Jim McAllister (23)                  8pts

Twos: Francis O'Kennedy (2nd hole), Jimmy Kelly (11th hole)

 Rathcore, Saturday 14th July

1st Shay Stokes (7)                  35pts

2nd Frank Anderson (22)         33pts

3rd Alan Hudson (12)               31pts (Count Back)

4th Jim Cushen (18)                  31pts (Count Back)

5th Christy Morrison (20)        30pts

Par 3s John Swan (28)             9pts

Front Nine Noel Brady (18)      17pts

Back Nine Mark Murphy (13)    17pts

Visitor: Damien O'Brien (10)     28pts

Luttresstown, Saturday 16th June 

1st Philip Coyne (13)              34pts

2nd Martin Pearse (19)         33pts

3rd Stephen O'Kennedy (11)  31pts

4th Anthony Keating (27)      30pts (Count Back)

5th Shay Stokes (7)             30pts (Count Back)

Front Nine Darren Mulready (12)  

Back Nine Eddie Coyne (15)

Visitor: Eoin Stokes (21)       35pts


Weekend Away - Castle Dargan 18th/19th May 2012. 

Friday 18th May

1st Christy Sheppard           35pts (Count Back)

2nd John Kelly                    35pts (Count Back)

3rd Francis O'Kennedy        32pts


Saturday 19th May

1st Christy Sheppard          38pts

2nd John Kelly                   36pts

3rd Jim Cushen                  35pts

4th Martin O'Donoghue      30pts

5th Dominic Holmes            29pts

Front Nine Jimmy Kelly      15pts

Back Nine John Burke        15pts

Twos  Jimmy Kelly 3rd Hole


Headford 21st April 2012

1st Philip Coyne (15)           38pts (Count Back)

2nd Shay Flood (19)            38pts (Count Back)

3rd Frank Anderson (23)    37pts

4th Alan Madigan (11)         35pts

5th Martin Pearse (20)       34pts

Front Nine John Burke (19)

Back Nine Joe Tuohy (15)

Par 3s Willie Byrne            9pts

2s Joe Tuohy (8th Hole) 

 Royal Tara 31st March 2012

1st Willie Byrne (22)        37pts (Count Back)

2nd Jim Cushen (19)          37pts (Count Back)

3rd Darren Mulready (13) 37pts (Count Back)

4th Paddy Duffy (27)        36pts

5th John Burke (20)          35pts

Front Nine Frank Anderson (23)

Back Nine John Swan (27)

Par 3's Martin O 'Donoghue (28) 12pts

Visitors Ciaran "Fuzz" Conway (18) 31pts

2's : Frank Anderson and Alan Donaghy

Grange Castle 15th October 2011

1st Jimmy Kelly (8)          37pts

2nd Jim Cushen (19)         36pts

3rd Shay Flood (18)         35pts

4th John Swan (27)          33pts

5th Anthony Keating (27)  32pts

6th Kevin O'Connor (12)    31pts

7th ShayStokes (7)           30pts (Count Back)

8th Michael Dunne (9)       30pts (Count Back)

9th Eddie Coyne (14)         30pts (Count Back)

10th John Burke (20)         29pts

Front Nine Martin Pearse (20)    19pts

Back Nine Con Mulligan (16)        16pts

Par 3s Frank Anderson (23)          9pts

1st Visitors Brian Wynne (21)       35pts (Count Back)

2nd Visitors Sean McNamara (10)  35pts (Count Back)

Golfer of the Year

1st Jimmy Kelly          85pts

2nd Frank Anderson    76pts

3rd Paul Doyle            72pts

4th John Kelly            71pts

 Balbriggan 24th September 2011

1st David Stokes (13)   36pts

2nd Pat Tierney (22)    35pts

3rd Jimmy Kelly (8)     34pts (Count Back)

4th Alan Hudson (12)    34pts (Count Back)

5th Shay Stokes (8)      33pts

Front Nine Noel Brady (17)

Back Nine Anthony Keating (27)


 Naas 27th August 2011 

1st  Frank Anderson (26)  37pts

2nd Shay Stokes (8)         36pts

3rd Paddy Duffy (28)       35pts

4th Mick Dunne (10)          34pts (Count Back)

5th Paul Doyle (18)            34pts (Count Back)

Par 3s Ian Gleeson (7)        11pts

Front 9 Eddie McLoughlin (28)    19pts

Back 9 Philip Coyne (14)              18pts

1st Visitor Liam Kenelly (5)  36pts

2nd Visitor Alan Madigan (16) 31pts

Twos: Frank Anderson, Ian Gleeson, Shay Stokes, Jimmy Kelly.


Captain's Day, Palmerstown Estate, 16th July 2011

1st  Kevin O'Connor (13)  39pts.

2nd  Mick Dunne (10)       37pts

3rd  Joe Tuohy (15)         34pts

1st C1  Shay Stokes (9)     32pts

1st C2  Philip Coyne (15)    32pts

1st C3  Tom Ryan (22)       33pts

1st C4  John Swan (28)     30 pts

2nd C1  Ian Gleeson (7)     31 pts

2nd C2  Noel Brady (16)    31pts

2nd C3  John Burke (20)    32pts

2nd C4  Tom Bradley (28)   27pts

3rd C1  John Kelly (+1)       31pts

3rd C2  Kevin Kenny (13)     30pts

3rd C3  Jim McAllister (22)  32pts

3rd C4  Anthony Keating (26)  27pts

Past Captain's  John Burke

Front Nine  Christy Morrison (20)  16pts

Back Nine  Martin Pearse (19)  18pts

Longest Drive  Alan Madigan

Nearest the Pin  Mick Dunne

1st Visitor  Sean Kelly (28)  38pts

2nd Visitor  Alan Dowling (+1)  35pts

Twos:  Kevin O'Connor (8th & 12th), Paddy Ryan (10th), Fran Tuohy (12th), Alan Dowling (12th)


Knockanally 2nd July 2011 

1st         Dominic Holmes (19)                         34pts

2nd        Frank Anderson (27)                        32pts (Count Back)

3rd        Con Mulligan (17)                             32pts (Count Back)

4th         Jimmy Kelly (8)                               31pts

5th         Jim Cushen (20)                               30pts (Count Back)

6th         Kevin Kenny (13)                               30pts (Count Back)

7th         John Swan (28)                                30pts (Count Back)

8th         Ian Gleeson (7)                                 28pts

Front 9   Shay Flood

Back  9   Alan Hudson

1st Visitor  Adam Kelly

2nd Visitor  David Kelly

 Black Bush 28th May 2011

1st            Martin Pearse (22)                                39pts

2nd           Paul Doyle (19)                                      38pts

3rd           Con Mulligan (18)                                  34pts

4th            Noel Brady (17)                                    33pts

5th            Paddy Ryan (22)                                   32pts (Count Back)

Front 9      Frank Anderson (27)                             18pts (Count Back)

Back 9       John Swan (28)                                     15pts (Count Back)

Visitor       Jimmy Kavanagh (18)                             34pts

Two's        Con Mulligan, Paul Doyle and John Kelly.

 Weekend Away (Waterford)

Waterford Castle

1st Willie Byrne 38pts

2nd Jim Cushen 37pts (Count Back)

3rd Shay Flood 37pts (Count Back)

4th Philip Coyne 34pts (Count Back)

5th Christy Sheppard 34pts (Count Back)

Front Nine Alan Hudson 19pts

Back Nine Jimmy Kelly 16pts

Par 3s Martin O'Donoghue 11pts

Team Event : Shay Flood, Pat Tierney and Philip Coyne 133pts.

Faithegg 29th April

1st John Burke 36pts

2nd Tom Bradley 34pts

3rd Eddie Coyne 31pts

4th Shay Flood 29pts

Front 9 Jimmy Kelly 17pts

Back 9 Jim Cushen 16pts

Par 3s Willie Byrne 10pts


 Luttrellstown 19th March 2011

1st:                       Christy Morrison (22)          36pts
2nd:                      John Kelly (0)                     35pts
3rd:                       Jim Cushen (21)                 35pts
4th:                       Noel Brady (18)                  31pts (B.9)
5th:                       Kevin O'Connor (14)         31pts
6th:                       Stephen O'Kennedy (10)    30pts

Front 9:                 Mick Dunne (10)                 17pts
Back 9:                 Christy Sheppard (22)         17pts

Par 3's:                  Paddy Duffy (28)                9pts
1st Visitor:             Brian Hanratty (6)           28pts
2nd Visitor:            Frank Colgan                  27pts
2's:                        John Kelly

Kileen 16th October 2010

1st Michael Gaughan (15) 38 points

2nd John Kelly (1) 36 points

1st Class 1 Stephen O'Kennedy (10) 33 points

1st Class 2 Philip Coyne (15) 31 points

1st Class 3 Paul Doyle (22) 31 points

1st Class 4 Paddy Ryan (23) 36 points

2nd Class 1 Shay Stokes (8) 30 points

2nd Class 2 Mark Murphy (13) 29 points

2nd Class 3 Tom Ryan (22) 31 points

2nd Class 4 John Swan (28) 31 points

Front Nine Jimmy Kelly (8) 19 points

Back Nine Christy Sheppard (22) 17 points

Visitors 1st Liam Byrne (21) 36 points (Back 3)

Visitors 2nd James Dunne (12) 36 points

Winner Player of  the year : Martin Pearse 101 points

2nd Paul Doyle 93 points

3rd John Burke 84 points


Trim 25th September 2010

1st Christy Sheppard (27) 41 points

2nd Martin Pearse (23) 36 points

3rd John Burke (19) 35 points

4th Paul Doyle (21) 34 points

5th Noel Brady (19) 32 points (Count Back)

6th Ian Gleeson (7) 32 points (Count Back)

Front Nine Shay Stokes (8) 18 points (Count Back)

Back Nine David Stokes (11) 17 points (Count Back)

Visitor Ken Patton (20) 38 points


Winner of 2's : John Kelly, Paul Doyle and Anthony Keating

Kilcock (Captain's Day) 28th August 2010

1st Kevin O'Connor
2nd Michael Gaughan
3rd John Kelly

1st Class 1 Ian Gleeson
1st Class 2 David Stokes
1st Class 3 Con Mulligan
1st Class 4 Tom Ryan

2nd Class 1 Jimmy Kelly
2nd Class 2 Mark Murphy
2nd Class 3 Pat Tierney
2nd Class 4 Anthony Keating

3rd Class 1 Shay Stokes
3rd Class 2 Sean Kelly
3rd Class 3 Paul Doyle
3rd Class 4 Paddy Ryan

Winner Past Captain's Ian Gleeson

Front Nine Joe Tuohy
Back Nine John Burke

Edenderry 17th July 2010 

1st John Burke

2nd Philip Coyne

3rd Paddy Duffy

4th Tom Ryan

5th Noel Brady

Front Nine Alan Hudson

Back Nine Anthony Keating

Royal Tara 26th June 2010

1st Jimmy Kelly

1st Class 1 Martin Rogers

1st Class 2 Shay Flood

1st Class 3 Frank Anderson

2nd Class 1 Eddie Coyne

2nd Class 2 John Burke

2nd Class 3 Christy Sheppard

Front Nine Bernard Smith

Back Nine Martin Pearse

Black Bush 29th May 2010

1st Jimmy Kelly

2nd Paul Doyle

3rd Eddie Coyne

4th Tom McMorrow

5th Jim Cushen

Front Nine Joe Tuohy

Back Nine John Burke

Weekend Away 23rd/24th April in Galway

1st on Friday in Bearna Christy Sheppard

1st on Saturday in Galway Bay Ian Gleeson

Castleknock 27th March 2010

1st Martin Pearse

2nd Tom McMorrow

1st Class 1 John Kelly

1st Class 2 Kevin Kenny

1st Class 3 Tom Ryan

2nd Class 1 Philip Stokes

2nd Class 2 Joe Tuohy

2nd Class 3  Jim Cushen

Front Nine Eddie McLoughlin

Back Nine Ian Gleeson

Druid's Heath 24th October 2009

1st Eddie Coyne

2nd John Burke

3rd John Swan

4th David Stokes

5th Alan Hudson

6th Martin Pearse

Front Nine Noel Brady

Back Nine Alan Mooney

Winner of Player of Year Ian Gleeson 73 points

2nd Alan Hudson 67 points

3rd John Swan 62 points.


Tulfarris (Captain's Day) 19th September 2009

1st Shay Stokes

2nd Shay Flood

3rd Eddie Coyne

1st Class 1 Stephen O'Kennedy

1st Class 2 Kevin Kenny

1st Class 3 Noel Brady

1st Class 4 John Burke

2nd Class 1 Ian Gleeson

2nd Class 2 David Stokes

2nd Class 3 Tony Mooney

2nd Class 4 John Swan

3rd Class 1 Alan Hudson

3rd Class 2 Sean Kelly

3rd Class 3 Christy Morrison

3rd Class 4 Anthony Keating

Front Nine Tony Dolan

Back Nine Bernard Smith

South County 29th August 2009

1st Micahel Gaughan

2nd Sean Kelly

3rd Alan Hudson

4th Shay Stokes

5th Tom McMorrow

Front Nine Christy Sheppard

Back Nine Martin Rogers

The Curragh 18th July 2009

1st Mick Dunne

1st Class 1 Bernard Smith

1st Class 2 Noel Brady

1st Class 3 Christy Morrison

2nd Class 1 David Stokes

2nd Class 2 Jonathan Keating

2nd Class 3 Tom Ryan

Front Nine Martin Rogers

Back Nine Ian Gleeson

Knightsbrook 13th June 2009

1st Eddie Coyne

2nd John Burke

3rd Anthony Keating

4th Kevin O'Connor

5th Noel Brady

Front Nine Mick Dunne

Back Nine Ian Gleeson

Moyvalley 23rd May 2009

1st Stephen O'Kennedy

1st Class 1 Philip Stokes

1st Class 2 Con Mulligan

1st Class 3 Martin Pearse

2nd Class 1 Alan Hudson

2nd Class 2 Jonathan Keating

2nd Class 3 Christy Morrison

Front Nine Bernard Smith

Back Nine Dominic Holmes

Weekend Away in Glasson 24th/25th April 2009

Friday 1st Ian Gleeson, 2nd Jimmy Kelly, 3rd Bernard Smith, Front Nine Dominic Holmes, Back Nine John Burke.


Saturday 1st Ian Gleeson, 2nd Jim Cushen, 3rd Paddy Ryan, Front Nine Alan Hudson, Back Nine Tony Dolan

Castleknock 29th March 2009

1st Martin Rogers

2nd Jimmy Kelly

3rd Stephen O'Kennedy

4th Ian Gleeson

5th Donal Flynn

6th Paddy Ryan

Front Nine Shay Stokes

Back Nine Eddie Coyne

Laytown/Bettystown 21st November 2008

1st Martin Rogers

2nd Jimmy Kelly

3rd Stephen O'Kennedy

4th Ian Gleeson

5th Donal Flynn

6th Paddy Ryan

Front Nine Shay Stokes

Back Nine Eddie Coyne

Winner of Player of the Year Shay Stokes 90 points

2nd Noel Brady

3rd Stephen O'Kennedy

The Curragh 4th October 2008

1st Dominic Holmes

2nd Jimmy Kelly

3rd Noel Brady

4th Martin Pearse

5th Shay Stokes

6th Paul Doyle

Front Nine Tony Dolan

Back Nine Eddie Coyne

Newlands (Captain's Day) 12th September 2008

1st Noel Brady

2nd Jonathan Keating

3rd Dominic Holmes

1st Class 1 Shay Stokes

1st Class 2 Sean Kelly

1st Class 3 Paddy Ryan

1st Class 4 Anthony Keating

2nd Class 1 Alan Mooney

2nd Class 2 Ben McCall

2nd Class 3 Martin Rogers

2nd Class 4 Martin Pearse

3rd Class 1 Stephen O'Kennedy

3rd Class 2 Eddie Coyne

3rd Class 3 Martin Kilbane

3rd Class 4 Christy Sheppard

Front Nine Jim Cushen

Back Nine Philip Stokes

Knightsbrook 17th August 2008 - CANCELLED DUE TO BAD WEATHER


Castleknock 22nd June 2008

1st Joe Tuohy

2nd Mick Dunne

1st Class 1 Alan Mooney

1st Class 2 Ivor Cooney

1st Class 3 Noel Brady

2nd Class 1 Stephen O'Kennedy

2nd Class 2 Con Mulligan

2nd Class 3 Shay Flood

3rd Class 1 Jimmy Kelly

3rd Class 2 Kevin O'Connor

3rd Class 3 Anthony Keating

Front Nine Martin Dobbs

Back Nine Tom McMorrow

Knockanally 23rd May 2008

1st Tony Mooney

2nd Stephen O'Kennedy

3rd Brian Wynne

4th Tom McMorrow

5th Paddy Ryan

6th Martin Pearse

Front Nine Anthony Keating

Back Nine Joe Tuohy

Weekend Away Mount Wolsley 25th/26th April 2008

1st Sean Kelly, 2nd Bernard Smith, 3rd Shay Flood.

1st Class 1 Ian Gleeson

1st Class 2 Dominic Holmes

1st Class 3 Paddy Ryan

2nd Class 1 Alan Mooney

2nd Class 2 Tony Mooney

2nd Class 3 Brian Wynne

3rd Class 1 Alan Hudson

3rd Class 2 Pat Tierney

3rd Class 3 Christy Morrison

Front Nine Ben McCall

Back Nine Kevin Kenny

Beech Park 11th April 2008

1st Dominic Holmes

2nd Shay Stokes

3rd Noel Brady

4th Ian Gleeson

5th David Stokes

6th Con Mulligan

Front Nine Bernard Smith

Back Nine Mick Dunne.

Luttrelstown 30th March 2008

1st Shay Stokes

2nd Shay Flood

3rd Con Mulligan

1st Class 1 Kevin Kenny

1st Class 2 Ben McCall

1st Class 3 John Burke

2nd Class 1 Tony Dolan

2nd Class 2 Kevin O'Connor

2nd Class 3 Noel Brady

3rd Class 1 Declan Kelly

3rd Class 2 Ivor Cooney

3rd Class 3 Christy Morrison

Front Nine Eddie Coyne

Back Nine Mick Dunne

Castleknock 18th November 2007

1st Alan Mooney

2nd Stephen O'Kennedy

3rd Jimmy Kelly

4th Christy Sheppard

5th David Stokes

6th Shay Flood

Front Nine Ivor Cooney

Back Nine Martin Pearse

Winner of Player of the Year Jimmy Kelly 107 points

2nd Stephen O'Kennedy 81 points

3rd Sean Kelly 76 points.

Black Bush 13th October 2007

1st Jimmy Kelly

2nd John Cooke

3rd Eddie Coyne

4th Ian Gleeson

5th Ivor Cooney

6th Christy Morrison

Front Nine David Stokes

Back Nine Alan Hudson

Courtown 22nd September 2007

1st Declan Kelly

2nd Ian Gleeson

3rd Shay Stokes

4th Pat Nolan

5th Martin Rogers

6th Sean Kelly

Front Nine John Swan

Back Nine Stephen O'Kennedy

Lucan (Captain's Day) 31st August 2007

1st Martin Dobbs

2nd Sean Kelly

3rd Alan Mooney

1st Class 1 Vinnie Murtagh

1st Class 2 Stephen O'Kennedy

1st Class 3 Anthony Keating

1st Class 4 John Swan

2nd Class 1 Alan Hudson

2nd Class 2 Jim Cushen

2nd Class 3 Paddy Ryan

2nd Class 4 Padraig Rowland

3rd Class 1 David Stokes

3rd Class 2 Kevin O'Connor

3rd Class 3 Noel Brady

3rd Class 4 Martin Pearse

4th Class 1 Paul Lynch

4th Class 2 Martin Kilbane

4th Class 3 John Burke

4th Class 4 Martin O'Donoghue

Front Nine Ben McCall

Back Nine Philip Stokes

Longest Drive Vinnie Murtagh

Nearest the Pin Donal Flynn

The Curragh 21st July 2007

1st Mark Murphy

2nd John Burke

3rd Tom McMorrow

4th David Stokes

5th Paul Doyle

6th Eddie Coyne

Front Nine Alan Mooney

Back Nine Tony Mooney

St. Margaret's 23rd June 2007

1st Paul Lynch

2nd Eddie Coyne

3rd Stephen O'Kennedy

4th Jimmy Kelly

5th Noel Brady

6th Jim Cushen

Front Nine Alan Hudson

Back Nine Martin Kilbane

Weekend Away in Wexford 11th/12th May 2007

Rosslare (11th)

1st Vinnie Murtagh

2nd Bernard Smith

3rd David Stokes

4th Tony Mooney

5th Philip Stokes

6th Dominic Holmes

Front Nine Kevin O'Connor

Back Nine Martin Pearse

Wexford (12th)

1st Jimmy Kelly

2nd Sean Kelly

3rd Tony Mooney

1st Class 1 Dominic Holmes

1st Class 2 Tony Cooke

2nd Class 1 Ben McCall

2nd Class 2 John Burke

3rd Class 1 David Stokes

3rd Class 2 Pat Tierney

Front Nine Paddy Ryan

Back Nine Vinnie Murtagh

Team Winners Alan Hudson, Eddie Coyne, Dominic Holmes and Martin O'Donoghue

2nd Philip Stokes, Tony Cooke, Paddy Ryan and Patricia Holmes.

Knightsbrook 29th April 2007

1st Paddy Ryan

2nd Bernard Smith

3rd Ian Gleeson

4th Jimmy Kelly

5th Tony Mooney

6th Ben McCall

Front Nine Alan Hudson

Back Nine Eddie Coyne.

Headford 24th March 2007

1st Alan Hudson

2nd Paul Lynch

3rd Philip Stokes

4th Shay Stokes

5th Stephen O'Kennedy

6th Martin Dobbs

Front Nine Pat Tierney

Back Nine Jimmy Kelly.

Rathcore 18th November 2006 (SCRAMBLE)

1st Ian Gleeson, Paddy Ryan and Martin Pearse

2nd Sean Kelly, Joe Tuohy and Kieran Burke

3rd Alan Mooney, Ben McCall and Christy Sheppard

4th John Cooke, Eddie Coyne and Anthony Keating

5th Mark Murphy, Tom McMorrow and Paul Doyle

6th Alan Hudson, Tom Bradley and Martin Rogers

7th Mick Dunne, John Swan and Kevin O'Connor

8th Jimmy Kelly, Tony Mooney and Tommy Brennan.

Trim 21st October 2006

1st Donal Flynn,

2nd Stephen O'Kennedy

3rd John Cooke

4th David Stokes

5th Jimmy Kelly

6th Martin Dobbs

Front Nine Ivor Cooney

Back Nine John Burke

Longest Drive Paddy Ryan

Nearest the Pin Tom McMorrow

Winner of Player of the Year Alan Mooney

2nd Alan Hudson

3rd Eddie Coyne.

Lucan (Captain's Day) 1st September 2006

1st Martin Kilbane

2nd Mick Dunne

3rd Tom McMorrow

1st Class 1 Philip Stokes

1st Class 2 David Stokes

1st Class 3 Paddy Ryan

1st Class 4 Derek Masterson

2nd Class 1 Joe Tuohy

2nd Class 2 Ben McCall

2nd Class 3 Tony Mooney

2nd Class 4 Martin Pearse

3rd Class 1 Shay Stokes

3rd Class 2 Martin Dobbs

3rd Class 3 Paul Doyle

3rd Class 4 Padraig Rowland

4th Class 1 Alan Mooney

4th Class 2 Martin Rogers

4th Class 3 Dermot Carroll

4th Class 4 John Swan

Longest Drive Philip Stokes

Nearest the Pin Philip Stokes

Rathcore 12th August 2006

1st Alan Mooney

2nd Kevin O'Connor

3rd Jim Cushen

4th Alan Hudson

5th John Cooke

6th Eddie Coyne

Front Nine Martin Dobbs

Back Nine Paul Doyle

The Curragh 10th June 2006

1st John Cooke

2nd Eddie Coyne

3rd Martin Kilbane

1st Class 1 Ray Wilders

1st Class 2 Stephen Cassidy

1st Class 3 Anthony Keating

2nd Class 1 Mark Murphy

2nd Class 2 Tony Mooney

2nd Class 3 John Swan

Front Nine Sean Kelly

Back Nine Shay Flood

Knockanally 27th May 2006

1st Jim Cushen

2nd Dominic Holmes

3rd Alan Mooney

4th Sean Kelly

5th Bernard Smith

6th Mick Dunne

Front Nine Christy Morrison

Back Nine Alan Hudson.

Weekend Away Westport 28th/29th April 2006

Friday (28th)

1st Jim Cushen

2nd Kevin O'Connor

3rd Francis O'Kennedy

4th Eddie Coyne

5th Martin Dobbs

Front Nine John Burke

Back Nine Bernard Smith


Saturday (29th)

1st John Cooke

2nd Jim Cushen

3rd Christy Sheppard

1st Class 1 Martin O'Sullivan

1st Class 2 Martin Dobbs

1st Class 3 Paul Doyle

2nd Class 1 Jimmy Kelly

2nd Class 2 Jimmy Henry

2nd Class 3 Dominic Holmes

Front Nine Tom Bradley

Back Nine Padraig Rowland

Headfort 25th March 2006

1st Eddie Coyne

2nd John Burke

3rd Bernard Smith

4th Ray Wilders

5th Shay Stokes

6th Paul Doyle

Front Nine David Stokes

Back Nine Martin O'Sullivan