2016 Matches

11am Philip Coyne/Eddie Coyne V Declan Kelly/Conor Lyons
11.08am Shay Flood/Damien Boland V Paul Delaney/Eamonn Morrison
11.16am Martin Byrne/David Byrne V Francis O'Kennedy/ Christy Morrison
11.24am Mick Dunne/John Burke V Kevin O'Connor/Kevin Kenny
11.32am Scott Bennett/Darren Byrne V J.D. Kelly/Sean McNamara
11.40am John Kelly/Christy Sheppard V Paul Mullarkey/Bernard Smith
11.48am Alan Hudson/Noel Brady V Tom Ryan/Pat Walsh
11.56am Jimmy Kelly/John Swan V Dominic Holmes/John Hicks

The Challenge Cup is an annual challenge match between our Society and the Liffey Golf Society. The match originated in the late 90s and has been keenly fought over the years with a lot of close matches. While the matches are very competitive, they are played in a proper spirit of sportsmanship.

As at 2015 the overall score stands at Lucan County 10 wins, Liffey 7 wins with 1 match halved.

The following are the results of these matches:

2015 - Lucan County 5.5 points, Liffey 2.5 points (Matches played in Knckanally)

2014 - Lucan County 4.5 points Liffey 3.5 points (Matches played in Lucan)

2013 - Lucan County 5.5 points Liffey 2.5 points (Matches played in Kilcock)

2012 - Lucan County 2.5 points Liffey 5.5 points (Matches played in Castleknock)

2011 - No Fixture

2010 - Lucan County 8.5 points  Liffey 3.5 points (Matches played in Millicent)

2009 - Lucan County 5 points  Liffey 7 points (Matches played in Knockanally)

2008 - Lucan County 7 points Liffey 5 points (Matches played in Lucan)

2007 - Lucan County 5 points Liffey 5 points, Lucan County retain Cup (Matches played in Lucan)

2006 - Lucan County 6 points Liffey 5 points (Matches played in Westmanstown)

2005 - Lucan County

2004 - Lucan County

2003 - Liffey

2002 - Lucan County

2001 - Liffey

2000 - Liffey

1999 - Liffey

1998 - Liffey

1997 - Lucan County


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